Not “just another” flying academy

A childhood dream and a great passion for all things aviation led to the founding of this company. Alpi Aviation is headed by avid aviation expert and enthusiast, Dale de Klerk, who is an accomplished radio control model aircraft, hang glider, micro-light, glider and fixed wing pilot. Dale has won several regional and National competitions, becoming world Rally Flying Champion together with his good friend Nigel Hopkins in 2003. Dale also earned his Springbok Flying colours in Rally and Precision flying from 1995 through to 2004, and continues to challenge his considerable aviation capabilities in a wide range of aviation techniques, styles and aircraft.

ALPI Aviation SA was established in 2007 after the demand arose for well designed aviation products and services as well as the need for an accredited and certified training organization to cater for those who don’t want to be, “just another pilot”. The intention was to build an accredited Flight School, certified to CAA and RAASA standards, using experienced instructors with an ethos of respect toward all their students and clients. At Alpi Aviation, we value and recognize the individuality of each student, and will do our utmost to hone their capabilities and enhance their passion for flying. At Alpi Aviation, no one is “just another student pilot”. It is with this credo in mind that we invite you to personally experience how our broad background of solid aviation experience and expertise, together with our personal and hands on approach, can take your flying career to new heights.

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